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Legitimate Online Jobs
is a fantastic website to partner with and promote.  Our open platform allows visitors to view all available online job positions before they buy.  Once the customer purchases a membership and enters the member's area, the actual link to each job will appear and forward them off to the employer's website... where they can begin applying for jobs. Prospective customers appreciate this layout better than other job sites who hide their job postings until after the visitor buys.  This is why our refund rate is much less, because the visitor already knows what they are getting.

You can be confident sending traffic to us knowing that it will not be wasted.  Not only do we convert your traffic into paying customers, but we retain that business and minimize our refund rate by always keeping a fresh, safe, scam-free online job platform.

What's more, we actually employ a full-time staff to review all the positions first before posting them. Trust is what makes us the leader in the online job and telecommuting job space.  You can feel good at the end of the day knowing that you are referring people to an online job service they can really benefit from! 

Why Promote Us...

  • - is the internet's foremost leader in trusted online job opportunities!
  • - The visitors you send are able to view the jobs we have before making a commitment to join!
  • - We actually have a staff that screens each position to make sure it is safe and scam-free!
  • - We add hundreds of new positions every week... so the jobs database is always current!
  • - We do all the selling for you!
  • - Our program is currently converting at 1 in 14 hop links you refer!
  • - You can build more consistent income from members who signup for the monthly program!
  • - Our marketing tools and banner ads work... so you don't have to create your own!
  • - We use Clickbank to process the payments as well as track the sales you generate!
  • - Commission checks are mailed by Clickbank and will be sent to you on time, every 2 weeks!
  • - We have the lowest refund rate out of any other online job site!
  • - Our Video FAQ answers your visitors' questions and successfully converts them to paying members!

Not Yet An Affiliate?...

Becoming an affiliate with Clickbank, the world's largest payment processor for digital based products, may be one of the best decisions you will ever make.  Some people dream of starting an internet business, but are not sure if their idea will work, or if they have enough time to start a new idea from scratch. With tens of thousands of proven products (our's being one of them) already available on Clickbank's network to promote, and a generous 75% commission, you may ask yourself if it's even worth the effort trying to come up with the next big thing.

If you have not yet signed up to promote Clickbank vendor products, you can do so by clicking here.

Commission Structure...

  • We pay a 75% commission for affiliate generated sign ups to our annual ($49.95) member program!
  • We pay a 75% commission for affiliate generated sign ups to our monthly member program (on the initial $14.95 charge to start) then you will earn 35% of the $14.95 monthly re-billing charge until the member cancels!

Already An Affiliate?...

If you're already an affiliate of Clickbank, then the next step is real easy.  Simply replace the area inside the text link below with your Affiliate ID... where it says "YOURID".  This will begin tracking and crediting your account for each person who clicks on this link and signs up for our program.

For Example... If your Affiliate ID is nextaffil5... then the link below should look like this...

Go ahead and click on the link after you place your Affiliate ID in the proper place.  This should then redirect you to our website with your affiliate name showing in the URL inside the web address bar at the top of your browser.

Next, Simply Use Our Marketing Tools To Promote Our Website...

We have already crafted a suite of proven marketing tools you can use to promote Legitimate Online Jobs, the internet's foremost leader in telecommuting and legitimate work-at-home employment opportunities.  Whether you promote our website via banner ads, Google Adwords, blogs, Opt-In email broadcasts, or review articles... you'll find that our marketing tools not only work... but work extremely well!

Pay Per Click Advertising...

Pay per click is often times the most effective way to promote a vendor's website.  Simply create a pay per click account at the top 3 search engines... Google, MSN, and Yahoo.  Then use our sample pay per click ads listed below as well as the recommended keywords to begin generating affiliate traffic to our website.  Be sure to include your Affiliate ID in every link you attach to every ad.  Make sure you do not provide a direct link to our site using the URL: in your ads.  Doing so will generate sales that you will not receive credit for... since your Clickbank ID is not embedded in the link.

Again, the link you should use will look something like this:

Replacing the "YOURID" portion of the link with your Clickbank Affiliate ID.


Sample Pay Per Click Ads...

Sample Pay-Per-Click Ad 1:

Online Jobs Alert!

Beware of what you see. Browse REAL,
Verified legitimate online jobs here.


Sample Pay-Per-Click Ad 2:

#1 Trusted Online Job Site

Avoid being scammed. Search the
only REAL online jobs here.


Sample Pay-Per-Click Ad 3:

Real, Verified Online Jobs!

Best Online Jobs Available Here.

#1 Leader in Telecommuting!


Send A Broadcast Email To Your Opt-In List...

Already have a strong opt-in list subscriber base?  Then sending an email message promoting our website will be a terrific way of generating affiliate sales.  The email messages listed below have worked before, and will surely work again.  Just remember... as part of Clickbank's terms of service, you are only allowed to send the following messages to people who have truly opted-in to receiving communications from you.  The CAN-SPAM compliance requirements need to always be met when promoting our product via email. 

You can also create your own sales messages if you feel good about writing compelling sales copy.  But If you're experiencing writer's block, then be sure to give these messages a try.


Sample Email #1

Sample Email #2


Banner Ads...

ABanner ads are one of the oldest, most effective methods for sending traffic to another vendor's website. We have tested every banner ad shown below to ensure that they work. The following 5 ads are the ones we recommend using to promote our website. The code works in the same way as the previous example shown above. Simply copy and paste the html code below each banner, paste it in your html/web editing software, and replace the word AFFILIATE with your Clickbank ID.

For example:

Just replace the AFFILIATE section with your actual Affiliate ID. It's that easy!