Making The Switch

Telecommute Job Listings have brought many people to fantasize about being able to quit the nine to five work day grind, walk right out the door of the cubicle farm that they call a job, and strike out on their own. These fantasies invariably involve immediate success through the construction of a self employed endeavor or a home based business that suddenly and spontaneously takes off overnight. The problems with these fantasies, though, are that they tend to gloss over the many obstacles, trials and tribulations that confront all of those who attempt to strike out on their own, and start their own businesses. This is not to say that you should not attempt to do so, but you need to realize a few things first. 

Home Based Businesses Are Not For Everybody 

While everyone entertains fantasies of self employment, the fact is that such an occupational track is not for everyone. If you have problems with focus, or with meeting deadlines, or you often need a certain level of supervision, than starting your own home based business may not be the best course of action for you. Such businesses are best suited to workers who put in a lot of effort, see every project through, consistently meet deadlines and need no supervision whatsoever. 

How To Make The Switch 

Chances are, if you are going to start your own business, you are looking for a good way to transition from a nine to five into your own home based operation. First, do your research and ensure that there is a market out there for your skill set. Then, devise a thorough business plan that covers both structural and financial details. Try to come up with a plan that has you in the black as quickly as possible. Also, and this is very important, before you quit your nine to five job, build up your savings as much as you can. Chances are you will be living off of this primarily as you work to get your home business off of the ground. 

It Really Depends Upon Your Skill Set, Or What You Are Willing To Learn 

Most importantly, you need to have a marketable skill set that you can use to make money through your own home based business. If you are a great Web application developer, then you will likely do great with your own home based business. If you handle sales clients, you can also set up your own home based business in this area. 

So, while it is true that there are a number of great telecommute job listings out there for those workers who want to take advantage of them, many workers cannot really hack it effectively in the virtual workplace. Also, when striking out on their own to form work at home businesses, many simply falter due to a lack of planning, vision, dedication and in some cases through shear bad luck. Not every worker is a good fit for self employment, and for those who are not, staying in the stability and safety of a nine to five job can often be worth risks of striking out on one's own occupational path.

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