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For anyone that has had to work their way through college, the frustration and near desperation that comes along with working can be formidable, but the growing trend of online jobs for students is doing a lot to alleviate that tension. Not too long ago, a student had few options available for working if he or she maintained a full time college course load. Usually, the only options for serious work came with summer jobs, but in this dismal economy, they simply no longer exist. And while many would think that because of this college kids are living in a state of constant fear, the fact is that the burgeoning market of online jobs for students is making their lives much easier than their predecessors had it in the labor force. 

Filing And Data Entry Online 

One of the best telecommuting jobs available to college
students is to perform online data entry and file management for various clients. These can usually be performed at all hours of the day or night, which easily conforms to a college student's class schedule. And, though the jobs are not what one would call “intellectually stimulating,” the fact is that they pay very well for the level of work that is ultimately required. This is not a common feature to college jobs. 

Editing, Proof Reading And Academic Assistance Online 
Another great place that college students can look to for
online work is various university or college Web boards or directories. Often, other students will require assistance proof reading, editing or assisting with papers, assignments and other work and they are willing to pay $2, $5 or even $10 per page, depending upon the level of work required in the proof reading. 

Online Tutoring 

Another great option for college students to work online is tutoring over the Internet. Though some of the Web sites that offer this service only want tutors who already have their college degree, many are willing to give excellent students with a command of the subject an opportunity to tutor as well. 

Freelance Designing and Writing 

And, for those college students who have Web design skills, or who are exceptionally good writers, there are always great job opportunities out there for freelance writing and Web design work for a variety of different clients. Depending upon the expertise of the student, he or she can make an extremely good income off of this type of work while going to college.  

The wide array of online jobs for students out on the market today almost seems unfair. There is little excuse for a college student in this day and age not to work due to a heavy college schedule. Many (in fact, most) of these jobs can be done entirely online, on the college student's own schedule at their own convenience. And, in many cases these jobs pay far better than the normal burger flipping or file clerking jobs that college students of yesteryear had to rely upon. In fact, the most typical of the numerous
online jobs for students is teaching and tutoring other students over the Internet.

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