Telecommute Companies

As the technological innovation of numerous things continues with the second decade of the 21st century, there are a number of telecommute companies that are taking advantage of this burgeoning technology to streamline their operations and save a fortune on myriad costs associated with doing business. Telecommuting allows a company various new ways to contain costs, keep top tier employees happy and is generally a win-win for all parties involved. And companies are finding it incredibly easy to shift many (in some cases, most) of their operations from a physical set up to a “virtual” telecommuting one. Everything from administration to IT to customer service to marketing and accounting are now the kinds of departments that firms are decentralizing, making them genuine telecommute companies. 

Telecommunications Companies 

It is little wonder that the industry that has been at the forefront for developing and perfecting the incredible innovations that have allowed the new frontier of telecommuting would be among the first corporate adopters of the concept. Companies such as AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, CISCO, Sun Microsystems, and a host of other telecom companies all have significant segments of their internal company configuration dedicated to a work from home work force. And each of these companies reports that productivity has risen, costs of dwindled and overall satisfaction for both employer and employee has risen dramatically. 

Retail Companies 

A number of top tier retailers are also at the forefront of the
telecommuting revolution, setting up several of their front end and executive operations as a home based, telecommuting work force. Best Buy, Inc., the leading retail outlet of consumer electronics in the northern hemisphere has had a dedicated and growing telecommuting work force for nearly a decade, and with each new fiscal year, more of their work force operates out of home based work stations. Other retail outlets include DuPont, Sears, Kohl's and others. 

Miscellaneous Companies 

There are also a host of other
companies that have a significant telecommuting work force that is thriving and growing with each new fiscal year. Apple computers has a substantial work force that telecommutes from home based offices located all over the world, as does Bank of America, McGraw Hill, Xerox, Chevron and many other Fortune 500 companies. The future is very obviously in the corner of telecommuting.  

For these telecommute companies, there is a growing number of different benefits for both the company and for the employees that they hire. Everything from lower costs to higher productivity and a host of others can all be realized in nearly every industry now, and as the technological innovations continue to get more and more sophisticated, the options will become even more attractive for the companies that are still on the fence. There is a very good chance that, in 50 years, there will be few if any actual work places left in corporate or industrial America. They will have all converted to dedicated
telecommute companies long before then, in the face of such striking and incredible possibilities.

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