Telecommuting Policy

One of the most incredible things to witness here at the onset of the second decade of the 21st century is the number of opportunities that are now available to workers who wish to take advantage of their company’s telecommuting policy to work from home. The benefits of working from a home based office are numerous, and they can take many different forms. It is little wonder that most workers, when given the option, choose to pursue this path. Often, telecommuting workers tend to work harder, be more productive, incur fewer sick days and report a higher level of overall job satisfaction.  That being said, companies do have to be careful when setting their telecommuting policy for their employees. 


A company needs a clear, open policy on communication between workers and management in a telecommuting operation, to ensure that all work flow and any possible issues that arise are dealt with and resolve immediately. One of the most potentially detrimental things that could possibly happen to a telecommuting department is to have unclear communications exacerbate a small problem and make it a big one. 

Operating Hours 

A company also needs to set a very clear policy on operating hours and when each and every worker is expected work from their home based office. It can be incredibly tempting for workers to take advantage of a lax or non existent scheduling policy and slough off a lot of the work or responsibilities that they need to take care of in the work day. By setting a clear and iron schedule for telecommuting workers, companies can head off a lot of the problems that might arise from certain types of workers. 

Equipment Use And Ownership 

A Company also needs to set a clear and comprehensive policy regarding the use and ownership of equipment in each worker’s home based office. If it is company property, it should be treated no different at a worker’s home than it is at a company facility. 

Child Care 

Also, companies need to set a clear policy regarding child care, and that telecommuting is not a full substitute for day care for workers. When a worker is on the clock, they are on the clock, regardless if they are at home or at a company facility. It absolutely vital that telecommuting workers understand this as clearly as possible. 

Though telecommuting can be a great way for companies to save money, improve efficiency and boost morale, and it is a great way for employees to improve their quality of life, it must be remembered that the operation is still a business. It is absolutely vital that both sides treat telecommuting as seriously as they treat on site company matters and policies. Telecommuting is only as beneficial and productive as the workers and companies that choose to engage in it. But, for those companies and their workers who work within the confines of an adequate telecommuting policy, there should be no trouble at all.