Telework Explained

With the growing field of telecommunications taking off in wonderful and innovative directions, there is wealth of interest in having telework explained to the growing numbers of workers and employers who wish to take advantage of it. Teleworking is, simply put, telecommuting by another name. And telecommuting is simply companies that allow workers to perform their normal jobs and duties, but from home based offices and work stations rather than at on site corporate work places. And while this concept has been around for a very long time, only recently has it been able to be applied to a wide array of different industries. Previously, teleworking was only available to a select niche of the work force, whose jobs easily blended with the computing and telephonic limitations of previous teleworking systems. But as technology grows, so does the market, and a whole new generation of workers is realizing the power of telework explained in a simple and straightforward manner. 

Teleconferencing And Video Conferencing 

With the improving quality and ability to conduct massive teleconferencing from participants located in every part of the world, to the growing sophistication and performance of video conferencing technology, the ability to conduct a wide array of business through teleworking is phenomenal. No longer does a group of people have to gather in one place to get the full effect of being in a productive meeting, with all of the team work and camaraderie that such dealings entail. 

The Power Of Personal Computing And The Internet 

Of course, teleworking would simply be impossible without the power of today's computers and the wide availability of high speed Internet access. Without those two things, most telework would still be confined to a handful of computer programmers and freelance sales people. But with the ability to integrate computing systems in multiple places over great distances, a call center staff can now work from their own homes, rather than from a central office. 

The Cost Savings For Both Employers And Employees 

And, of course, the supreme advantage to teleworking is the fact that there are enormous cost savings to be realized by both employers and employees. Workers save money in clothing, meals and transportation costs while employers save money in overhead costs, and in a higher level of efficiency by their teleworking workers.  

So, as the need to have telework explained makes way for the inevitable questions about how to switch an on site work place to a telecommuting one, it is easy to see how the next decade will see a rapid growth of the practice in every industry imaginable. Every adminstrative task, every individual who processes inventory, every IT representative and every clerk or sales person will soon be working from their own home based work station in every company around the world. This is the future, because the cost savings and the improved productivity are simply to much to ignore, especially in these dark economic times. For those who want telework explained, it can summed up in four simple words – the future is now.